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SideDrawer and 8Twelve Mortgage Announce Unique Technology Referral Process

TORONTO, Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SideDrawer and 8Twelve Mortgage announce a uniquely innovative API integration between SideDrawer’s document collaboration platform and 8Twelve’s fintech mortgage brokerage. Through this integration, SideDrawer’s professional users have the opportunity to refer their clients to 8Twelve’s mortgage brokers, apply for and ultimately provide the required mortgage documents, all from within SideDrawer’s secure platform. This eliminates the back and forth of countless emails with sensitive documents which are typical for traditional mortgage application processes, and demonstrates the capability of SideDrawer’s API-first, document collaboration platform.

8Twelve is a leading national mortgage brokerage with consistently high 5-star consumer reviews. With their unique service model and technology platform, they are able to provide fast turnarounds and exceptional service levels to applicants.

“8Twelve’s platform will leverage SideDrawer’s Information Request API, which combines a dynamic form and guided file request into one simplified function. We designed this API as we looked to solve one of our professional users’ biggest pain points – the process of collecting data and documents from clients. This is a significant administrative burden, which consumes a tremendous amount of time, prevents scaling capability, reduces efficiency, delays revenue collection and is a very poor client experience. We converted all of that into a seamless workflow which is being used by professionals and their clients, and now 8Twelve to power their mortgage process,” said J. Gaston Siri, Co-Founder & CEO of SideDrawer.

“When we saw how SideDrawer reimagined document management to be collaboration focused, vs storage based, we saw it as an opportunity to provide a differentiated client experience, something that aligned with today’s digital-first customer. We designed a more streamlined application and collection process for our referring customers from SideDrawer, making it easier for them to generate client referrals to us. We are very impressed with the efficiency of the API design leading to reduced administrative requirements for our mortgage brokers, creating a seamless and phenomenal user experience for the end client,” said Gary Fooks, 8Twelve’s CEO.

The integration will allow SideDrawer’s professional users to refer their clients to 8Twelve’s highly qualified mortgage brokers. Through the connected platforms, the user experience will be far more streamlined, maintain a high degree of security, reduce the risk of exposure and maintain data privacy at all times. With the added benefit of having the financial advisor initiate the referral but still receive passive notifications due to the nature of SideDrawer’s activity tracking, the advisor can immediately adjust and reflect the mortgage transaction into the client’s financial and estate plans. This is an exceptional level of advisor engagement only available through SideDrawer’s platform.

“Since SideDrawer is already being used by professionals and clients to collaborate on sensitive financial and tax documents, this integration was a logical extension of our platform’s capability. We believe there are a significant number of similar opportunities to improve upon the document collaboration experience, and we expect to announce additional partners that will leverage SideDrawer’s APIs to enhance their offering or save precious development resources,” said Ali Qureshi, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer of SideDrawer.

For enterprises, businesses, professionals or fintechs that wish to learn more about our SaaS or embedded API offering, please reach out to

About SideDrawer

SideDrawer is a technology company that focuses on improving the client experience around collaboration and organization for businesses of all sizes. From a turnkey, client-facing solution for individuals, professionals and SMBs to APIs for fintechs and enterprises, we aim to improve productivity and increase client engagement, all within a secure environment. With a completely flexible architecture, SideDrawer's APIs can easily integrate with any enterprise to customize and enhance the web and mobile client experience. For more information, please visit: or download our mobile apps on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or sign-up at

About 8Twelve Mortgage

8Twelve Mortgage is Canada’s leading digital mortgage solution, helping Canadians achieve their dream of homeownership and financial goals. We simplify the property financing experience with our ground-breaking innovation and highly personalized approach. With a combination of our industry-leading technology platform, highly skilled agents, and business approach, we ultimately help clients find the best mortgage products to suit their needs.


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